PHILPHARMA is an italian company operating in 25 countries worldwide in pharmaceutical, hypoallergenic textile and cosmetic sectors.

It deals entirely with innovative projects and devotes its expertise to the research and development of high-quality products and high-tech solutions.

It puts its attention on the use of natural active ingredientes and manufacturing to high safety standards to provide successful results and ensure peopole’s health.

In order to gurantee the total quaity and effectiveness of PHIL PHARMA®

products, the company avail the cooperation of the Department of Cosmetology of the University of Ferrara (founded in 1391) for specific tests and for the control of the produced formulas.

Phil Pharma’s chemical laboratories are located in Italy and count on highly professional skills and high tech equipement.

Raw materials with OKOTEX certification are imported from the producer countries directly by Phil Pharma, while in the case of foreign production quality control inspection is conduced while production is underway.


  • Production of garments in special fibers with hypoallergenic treatments from certified supply chain (OEKOTEX) and combined with innovative transdermal solutions against the skin blemish.
  • Hypoallergenic cotton products with specific areas of application such as women’s and baby’s underwear dermatologically and gynecologically tested.
  • Antivirus masks protecting against dusts, viruses, and airborne inhalable bacteria with no woven, breathable, fluid resistant and flame-retardant outer layer plus high efficiency filtration layer that is soft and sensitive on the skin.
  • Constant research of new strategies aimed at producing goods tested in human and environment friendly way.
  • Research, testing and development of premium pharmaceutical, cosmetic and medical formulas in liquid solutions and creams.
  • Design and implementation of technological solutions adapted to cosmetics for beauty and well-being of all.


“We devote our energies and know-how for providing the most innovative experience to people around the world, to meet and exceed their needs of well-being and beauty, by exceeding all expectations and delivering effective result in total safety”



With Technological Cosmetics begins a new way of conceiving the application of the products on the skin, allowing:

  • Optimization of the consumption of the quantity of the product otherwise retained by the hands for up to the 30% of the total
  • Sharp reduction in bacterial contamination arising from the use of hands which inevitably carry bacteria
  • Absolute practicality for perfect and even distribution of the product on the skin.

Technology, cosmetic and beauty

The most innovative transversal project between beauty, wellness, luxury and high technology. This is the first beauty sistem that consists in the synergy between professional electronic devices and cosmetic products. The devices are able to atomize cosmetic formulas, capable of penetrating deeply into the horny layer of the skin providing immediate and specific benefits for the face, décolleté and hands.


The new tricomplex-based collection was inspired by the blue zones, a concept that reflects the lifestyle and environment of the area with the highest rates of living in the world.

At the base of the longevity of the skin we found the mix of three very important active ingredients that forms the tricomplex:

  • Hyaluronic Acid/Lipoic Acid/ Coenzyme Q10

Skin Up S is the first nebulized delivery of stabilized liquid creams. High viscosity creams able to be perfectly distributed on the skin and immediately absorbed by the various area of the body.


The cosmetic textile

Innovative technology consisting of garments made of a special breathable and certified fabric that can gradually transfer professional cosmetic solutions to the skin. Several goals that allow a deep and constant hydratation, slimming, firming and other specific treatments. BIOLAB®garments, after being loaded with cosmetic formulas, through a molecular film transferred on the fabric, are able to release slowly, gradually and diretly on the skin all the active ingredients that can penetrate into dermis and bring effective results to the user.


Gynecologically certified products for the female genital area


A category of certified products suitable for all women that include intimate cleansers, pharmaceutical gels, special dermal wet wipes, tampons and hypoallergenic underwear to protect the intimate area (which we know is very delicate) ensuring maximum prevention

Intimate Gel

It gives a pleasant sensation of freshness and well-being by moisturizing and protecting the skin and mucous membranes. Its morning application maintains a state of hygiene and comfort that stays for a long time. It creates a barrier effect, that defends the mucosa and the skin from external aggressions, the specifically researched formula moisturizes and tones the intimate areas and the surrounding skin without greasy or staining.


Line of cosmetics and certified baby garments.

A category of products from certified supply chain made for newborns, which includes a range of garments in cotton flower, that guarantees safety and prevention for the skin. We can also find  specific cosmetics for a light cleansing and protective action, dermal wet wipes for clearing, pure cotton diapers to ensure baby’s maximum comfort.


Antivirus line, dust, and bacteria


Protective masks with soft elastic, sponge nose pad comfortable to wear, adjustable aluminium nose clip comfortable and breathable. Efficiency against bacteria, dust and pollution from PM 2.5 because of its filters.

GB2626-2006 Standard.

High quality elastic ring without pressure on ears, makes it comfortable to wear for a long time. Tight fit to prevent polluted air from entering.

CE certification.



TNT facial mask device – 3 layers:

  1. This mask is a disposable product, it is reccomended to replace it if worn continuosly for more than 4 hours.
  2. Please use the mask immediately after opening.
  3. In case of cardiopulmonary dysfunction it is recommanded to use it with caution


 Operating instrutions:

  1. Open the mask
  2. Bring the mask to your face and slightly tighten the clip on your nose
  3. Pull the lower end of the mask up to below the chin and arrange the elastic bands around the ears.