SKIN UP® – Cosmetic & Beauty Technology

The most innovative transversal project among beauty, wellness, luxury and high-tech. This is the first beauty system consisting in the synergy between professional electronic devices and cosmetic products. The devices are able to atomize cosmetic formulas able to deeply penetrate into the skin stratum corneum by providing immediate specific benefits to different parts of the body’s skin.
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Biolab Cosmetic-Textile

BIOLAB® - Cosmetic Textile
Innovative technology consisting in garments realized in a special certifi ed transpiring cotton fabric able to gradually transfer professional cosmetic solutions into the skin satisfying several beauty desires such as hydration, slimming and other specifi c treatments. The BIOLAB® cotton garments after being charged with the BIOLAB® cosmetic formulas, through a generated molecular fi lm are able to slowly and gradually release directly to the skin all the active principles which will be able to penetrate the derma and bring eff ective results to the user.

Intimate Hygiene - Intimo Sano

INTIMO SANO® - Certified products gynecologically tested for women.
A category of highly certified products suitable for every woman which includes intimate cleanser, pharmaceutical gel, wet wipes, cotton napkins and underwear designed to protect women’s private area and ensure maximum prevention.

AMORE AL CUBO® - Certifi ed cosmetic and garments for babies.
A category of highly certifi ed products suitable for every baby which includes shower gels, cosmetics, wet wipes, cotton napkins, underwear, cotton baby garments, to ensure maximum comfort, safety and prevention.