The blow that defeats time
SKIN UP is a new generation electronic device for the care of your skin through its advanced ion technology. It reduces the refreshing water loaded with active principles in micro-particles, producing an essence that, vaporized on the face, effectively penetrates the skin and deeply hydrates it. The Skin Up technology atomizes the water particles making them quickly penetrate into the skin, and exponentially increases the absorption capacity of the active principles, helping the skin stay young and compact.

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Biolab, the Cosmeto-Textile

Future and Health, the only in certified natural cotton, Made in Italy
It is an article of clothing realized in a special certified and transpiring cotton fabric that can spread the active principles, tying them to the fabric in direct contact with your skin. BIOLAB® is a PHIL PHARMA brand, the specialist of certified cotton for the woman’s health.

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Intimate Hygiene - Intimo Sano

A cotton heart
The female genital apparatus is easily attacked by factors that can alter its integrity and even determine the onset of pathological conditions.

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Biolab Relax System

Innovation and Technology ... Beauty and Cosmetics
A world of technology solutions for relaxing and well-being, combined with wonderful cosmetic treatments.

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The intimate healthy for our children
"Amore al Cubo" is the product line specialized in underwear for babies within 0-12 months. The cotton used is meant to provide health products for children.

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